Fulani Herdsman early hours of today August 26, 2020, visited mayhem to the peaceful community of Nami leaving a famer badly injured.

According to report from a community youth Aliyu Nami, the accident occur when a farmer noticed his farmland was being destroyed by the herders and complained to them, this seem to infuriate the herders and the result is what we shall be seeing at the picture below….

Nami a community in Agaie local government of Niger state is well known to be the home of prominent men in Niger State, the people got their livelihood basically from farming, and had long relationship with Fulani herders has there both live together.

The community is a host to some corpers  posted to Niger State, from the narration of an ex-corper in the batch 18C shows the people to be accommodating but seem to be lock out from the rest of the country due to lack or absence of some social amenities such as light, hospital and market  

The community head have to step in to stop the youth from reprisal, the situation has been calm as at the time of filing this report.