Churches all over Nigeria resume operations today, following the relaxing on the ban on religious gathering by the presidential Task force on COVID19.

From report made available to Deliberativeforum, churches where open but in a different fashion.

Going round some key churches around the Jikwoyi axis of Abuja we found out all the guidelines where followed from the entrance to the end of the programs.

From the gate, those not wearing face mask where not allowed in, before going into the church a gentleman with a hand sanitizer will apply some on the hands, and in the church, it is three per bench which normally takes as much as fifteen people and the church barely lasted for an hour.

 Few minutes to the final closing prayers, the church authorities announced, guidelines for worshiper which include, people from 70 years and above, 10 below and nursing mothers where to stay back and those who wish not to come are free to stay home and pray.

After the normal Sunday program we take the liberty to interview some worshipers whom wish to remain anonymous.

Most of those interviewed lamented the new mode of worship, and called #COVID19 a scam and figures by NCDC as unrealistic and believe the figures were blown out of proportion, others speak with mixed feelings but complained about hunger which there say kills and destroy much faster than the coronavirus pandemic.

There were some worshipers who try to make comparison with the Muslims and asked if the same rules that apply in the churches same with the mosques, the where general notion of wanting everything to go back to normal, bringing to note USA which was worst hit by the pandemic base on result on ground, opening up and resuming normal activities.

Nigeria currently has 12,233 of #COVID19 cases, 342 deaths and 3,826 discharged