It is very difficult for a blind man to explain colours. Telling a deaf person how a car’s horns sound is absolutely impossible. This is the same as explaining to Americans that it is God who keeps Africans alive during this trying time of convid-19. Before COVID-19 escalated to what it is now, America and Europe had prophecies that COVID-19 would make Africa a valley of skulls and a bed of death. This is something of a premeditated prophecy. Since HIV / AIDS, ebola, cholera, polio and malaria including tuberculosis all dwell in Africa, they thought, surely this very disease will make Africa its destination as well. But we surprise them when Africans go on surviving while those who made the prophecies continue to die in thousands.

Although they went to Twitter to tell Americans that it is God who spares Africans, they still didn’t believe it. All they think is either that Africans use herbal portions, or that they use charms. Some even concluded that black magic, voodoo and secret and diabolical means used by Africans to stay alive. Some just joked that COVID-19 maybe has to be black in color that’s why it spares black people and makes whites its enemies. Since Africans do not have good health care facilities and state-of-the-art medical facilities, they think that we will die in thousands, but God is not a man. Human wisdom is folly in the sight of God

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