Why do Igbos love to go out to other countries to make investments and increase there while their is enough lands and house in Igbo land.

Many Igbo men are filling swamps with 5 million naira in Lagos then bulid his living home of 35 million, buy all the constructing materials and decoration in Lagos or Abuja.Today they mocked other Tribes on Twitter

See some tweets from Nigerians:

They solely come domestic to collect title like (Eze nor na Mba 1) at some point of December.

January they will all experience lower back to lagos, that’s why Lagos and Abuja is a town more than Onitsha, Owerri or forty two in Enugu.

What occur to places like Aba, Ebonyi, Calaba, Akwa Ibom etc, all this places are precise to make investments on so it will be large metropolis too.

We have so many Igbo Billionaires in Lagos and Abuja. we urge them to come home and make investments here and empower the youths

Let our marketing campaign be #Comebackhomebrothers #DevelopOurHomeWithoutFear. Developments brings more jobs, we want extra jobs in Igbo land.

There are many Youths that are idle and prepared to work, succesful of building factories, but the assist and funds is what they are lacking.

Ndi Igbo must use that same power they use outdoor to build our road, generate greater electricity in our area and see the beauty of Igbo land. I’m certain it will seem like Dubai.