Nigerian singer Davido has been accused of witchcraft by a random twitter user, and expectedly it is causing a storm of suspicion on social media. The twitter user simply identified as ‘@DjOlu9’ sends out a cryptic tweet on Thursday warning Davido that he should not use his daughter Imade for sacrifice, like he did with his late friends Tagbo and DJ Olu.

Though the authenticity of the allegation against the singer – that he does fetish sacrifices – cannot be fully confirmed, but it has triggered some vibes of suspicion anyways.

It was like a ‘shock awakening’ for Nigeria’s superstar singer Davido and his ’30BG’ fans on social media when the strange tweet surfaced on Thursday. The twitter user simply tagged as ‘@DjOlu9’ posted a cryptic tweet that appeared to warn Davido not to use his daughter Imade for sacrifice, like he did with close friends DJ Olu and Tagbo. The strange tweet has got people pondering and raised some dusts of suspicion on social media, as to whether the allegation that Davido used his late friends for sacrifice is true or not.

The random twitter user even went as far as claiming that Davido had abandoned one other daughter in Ibadan simply because “his babalawo had warned him not to ever accept the girl”.

While it sounds really scary, you can check through the controversial tweet as captured in screenshot below:

It would be recalled that in October 2017, Olugbemiga Abiodun aka DJ Olu died mysteriously in his car while in company of Davido & his crew – though it was alleged that the cause of his death was drug overdose, a claim which his family rejected as false. Curiously DJ Olu’s death happened just 3 days after another close friend of Davido, Umeike Tagbo aka Tagbo, had died at a bar in another suspicious circumstance. Tagbo’s demise was said to have been caused by taking excess shots of Tequila on his birthday. The two death cases were however largely inconclusive by the Police.

And as such, the abrupt end to those two particular cases has always hinged that ‘eye of fowl play’ on Davido ever since.

*The deceased: DJ Olu (left), Tagbo (right)

Meanwhile some observers believe that the random social media user probably might be a Wizkid fan.

Recall that few days ago Wizkid celebrated his 9-year-old son, Boluwatife, and many of Davido’s fans seemingly trolled the ‘Joro’ singer on twitter that he should start paying his son’s school fees which the little boy demanded on his birthday. Fast forward to Thursday and it is perceived that Wizkid fans are retaliating by trolling Davido on his own daughter Imade’s birthday, with the ‘death sacrifice’ allegations still hovering around his head.

Sometimes I wonder why there is so much bad blood between fans of both Davido & Wizkid – why can’t these two sets of fanbase just get along with each other? Or is there something more to it than the music bragging rights?

The shades and trolls, just like the random tweet by ‘@DjOlu9’, are becoming meaner and really cruel by each passing day – and truth be told, no fan is going to come out of it looking same unless there’s a possible truce somehow. When the truce would happen, me I don’t even know… but the sooner the better!

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