The coronavirus pandemic has created untold hardship pain and great lost to the globe, with the hit being felt in most countries than others, but the destruction felt by all, small and great all alike.

The global pandemic has infected over 3.5 million of the world populations and claim the lives of more than 248 thousand people, over 1.1 million is said to have recovered.

The United State of America for quit sometime have been recognized as the epicenter of the virus having almost one third of global infections coming from the country alone.

The US has 23,030 new reported cases of the #COVID19, and 1,145 new deaths recorded, the total cases in the country currently stand at 1,187,768 and death of 68,587.

It should be noted the US from record has the highest in terms of tested population, the country has tested over 7 million of her populations.

The virus currently has no particular approved cure, but various tested drugs which some was unsuccessful  others shown some form of promising development but still yet was not total.

An African country, Madagascar has come up with a remedy which some few African countries mostly from the ECOWAS region has key into, the concoction was put together and from report has shown lot of promise in respect to the cure for the coronavirus infections. But still yet this new found cure has it believed has not been approved by WHO.

There have been and still are drugs on trial and drugs under study as a cure to the virus, but as it is currently, there is no drugs accepted globally as a cure to the virus.