Actress and movie producer Eniola Badmus who also is the brand ambassador of 9mobile is currently trending on the social network.

The actress has been put under fire by fans and social media users, when a philanthropist who wish to sponsor her giveaway with the sum of N500,000 decide to post his conversation the actress, she was to give 5,000 to 100 persons.

The conversation reviled Badmus charging the charitable individual N150,000 for her to share the 500,000 to the 100 people using her platform.

Read the conversation below:

Badmus has come out on her defence, she claim the task of sharing the sum to 100 people, the stamp duties and banks charges, and since her platform was to be used for the share decide to go business and make that charges. She also claim to have shared the said sum and the individual is currently enjoying the fame.

Read her post below:

Fans and social media users have lambasted her attitude, some have said even central bank do not charge 150,000 from customers, some have gone further to make some calculation and arrived at 2,600 as for the bank charges and stamp duties she claimed

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