Claims and refuting of claims as visited the origination of the coronavirus, with media houses crediting some statement to eminent members of the society and some refuting that statement, as not coming from the individual in question. With all this controversy we are then to ask ourselves, what then is the truth on the origin of the coronavirus? Which had held the world at a ransom, as global economy face retrogression and the world at the veg of feminine

Deliberativeforum had reported earlier of a message circulating the social media of a Japanese Nobel laureate Tasuku Honjo, the message which was believed to have emanated from the Japanese professor of Medicine to have said the coronavirus was not natural but man made, and had originated from the Chinese laboratory

It was believed when a Google search on media reports after April 22 (the date of the message) is done regarding the statement ‘coronavirus is not natural’ it will not yield any results leading to Professor Tasuku Hanjo.

The professor gave an interview to Nikkei Asian Review, a news portal based in Japan, published on April 10, 2020.

The professor said in the interview that “the illness originated in China, but the country will be the first to recover from it, too. I can’t say whether this will boost Chinese influence or whether the world will shun China, but there’s a possibility that the global order will shift after the outbreak.” The professor did not mention anything regarding COVID-19 being a man-made virus.

From our findings a Ph.D student working under the professor, gave out this statement on behalf of the professor: “Prof. Honjo never gave any such statement. Each and every sentence of this post is completely false and has no connection with truth. Prof. Honjo never worked in Wuhan laboratory. He never called there.

Going through Honjo’s profiles on the Nobel site as well as the Kyoto University website. The Nobel laureate’s profile does not mention the professor ever collaborating with the Wuhan laboratory. In addition, international publications like the Nature and the Lancet have published epidemiological studies which have researched the genomic sequence of SARS-CoV-2 and have found that the virus is not man-made but has a natural origin.

Other authorities had also claimed the coronavirus was man made, such as the US president, main stream media and some other professors, the president had said he is going to investigate the claim of the origination of the coronavirus pandemic after a report of CNN to that effect. A French professor Luc Montagnier had also come out with a claim in an interview with French CNews channel that the coronavirus has come from Wuhan’s lab, which was tested to develop a vaccine against the AIDS virus, as per media reports.

The question then still remain, what is the origin of the dreaded coronavirus? Natural or Man Made?

The virus had infected about 3 million and killed over 207 thousand people globally.