The United State of American president do not seem to be alone on his suspicion on China in their handling of the coronavirus pandemic

French President Emmanuel Macron has added a voice to the activities in China as it relate to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Macron has questioned China’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, saying things “happened that we don’t know about”. He told the Financial Times it was “naive” to suggest that China had dealt better with the crisis.

It follows a row sparked by an article on the Chinese embassy’s website that said Western countries had left the elderly to die in care homes. The foreign ministry summoned China’s ambassador to “express disapproval”.

China dismissed the row as a “misunderstanding”. Government spokesman Zhao Lijian said China had never made any negative comments about how France was coping with the epidemic “and has no intention of making any”.

France has seen 165,027 cases of Covid-19 and 17,920 deaths. China has recorded 82,692 infections with 4,632 deaths – including an extra 1,290 deaths announced on Friday in the city of Wuhan, where the pandemic started and where a strict lockdown has only recently been lift

The US President Donald Trump whom as earlier taken a hard line against China and accused the WHO of conspiracy.

On Wednesday, asked why the US accounted for such a high proportion of the global death toll of more than 137,000, he accused other countries of lying about their mortality rates

“Does anybody really believe the numbers of some of these countries?” he said, naming China.

He said the US was looking into unverified reports that the coronavirus may have emerged from a laboratory in Wuhan rather than in a market in the city, as has been widely reported.

“I will tell you more and more we’re hearing the story and we’ll see,” Mr Trump said at his daily briefing.

Fox News, attributing unnamed sources, has suggested that the coronavirus accidentally leaked from a Wuhan facility because of lax safety protocols, infecting an intern, who then transmitted it to her boyfriend.

US media have previously reported that the US embassy in Beijing had raised concerns about safety at two laboratories in Wuhan in recent years.