The global coronavirus rate seem to be moving upward rapidly, the pandemic which currently has no cure is one scourge ravaging the world at the moment not sparing even the most advanced nations.

The coronavirus has infected as at 10:30pm 16th April a total of 2,173,168, resulted to the death of 144,949, and from records about 546,296 people have recovered from the pandemic.

The United State of America stand as the worst hit with a total of 2,032 death on a single day bringing its total death to 34,475, with confirmed infections cases of 674,829, and 57,256 confirmed to have recovered from the pandemic.

In Nigeria thirty-five new cases of #COVID19 have been reported, 19 in Lagos, 9 in FCT, 5 in Kano, and 2 in Oyo

As at 10:20 pm 16th April there are 442 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria. 152 have been discharged with 13 deaths