There have been lot of controversy surrounding the coronavirus report from China as there have been claim of conspiracy, China which have been pinpointed as the original home of the coronavirus, and have also been accused of maltreatment of African Nationals, the government of China has been accused of cover up on the coronavirus case.

According to a central government directive, academic papers on the pandemic will be subject to serious scrutiny before being approved for publication.

Some online notices published by two Chinese universities on the coronavirus that were published earlier have been removed from the web site.

In a new policy by the central government, it said “Studies on the origin of the virus will receive extra vetting and must be approved by central government officials,” according to the now-deleted posts.

This appears to be effort by the Chinese government to control the narrative on the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, over 100,000 people have died and 1.8 million people have been infected.

Early findings about coronavirus cases such as when human-to-human transition first appeared raised questions over the official government account of the outbreak and sparked controversy on Chinese social media.

Currently, the Chinese authorities appear to be tightening their grip on the publication of Covid-19 research.

CNN reported that a Chinese researcher who spoke on condition of anonymity due to fear of retaliation said the move was a worrying development that would likely obstruct important scientific research.

“I think it is a coordinated effort from the Chinese government to control the narrative, and paint it as if the outbreak did not originate in China,” the researcher said.

China presently have 82,160 coronavirus infection case with 3,341 recorded death and 77,663 recovered