Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the senior pastor and founder of Believers Love World a.k.a Christ Embassy have been invited by the Department of Security Services (DSS) for questioning over his recent claims on the 5G network in Nigeria.

Pastor Oyakhilome has also accused the government for locking down Lagos and Abuja to pave way for the installation of the 5G network in Nigeria and that the 5G was responsible for killing people rather than COVID-19.

It should be recall that Deliberativeforum had reported of how the Pastor had spoke during his sermon in his church on Sunday, April 5. Where he disclosed that the 5G was a plot of the antichrist to keep track on all.

The Federal government has come out to debunk the claim and said the Pastor is ignorance of the situation at hand. But it seems that Pastor Chris still insisted on his claim. He said it is a government trick to keep people inside so they don’t protest the installation of a 5G network in Nigeria.

The DSS will be interrogating the Pastor in order to stop spreading the unverifiable 5G claim. He will charged to court soon.

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