Early today Deliberativeforum reported of a US Republican politician Sen. Martha McSally whom have accused the World Health body of colluding with China to hid actual figures of casualty on the coronavirus pandemic from China and had requested the body chief to step down.

The coronavirus pandemic globally at the moment has a total of 1,418,925 confirmed cases with 81,507 death and 301,476 confirmed to have recovered, United State of America with 391,665 cases, 12,561 deaths and 21,561 recovered, China also with 81,740 cases, 3,331 death and 77,167 recovered.

The United States president Donald Trump has also added a voice to lambasted the World Health Organization (WHO) on their handling of the corona virus pandemic as it relate with china.

The president on his twitter handle said “The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look. Fortunately I rejected their advice on keeping our borders open to China early on. Why did they give us such a faulty recommendation?”

This have come with much reactions from twitter users, while some blame him for not acting on time, others blame the democrat for putting impeaching the president over national emergency, some others lambast the World Health Organization (WHO) and said there have outlive their usefulness.

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