Globally, there have been 1.14m cases of corona virus confirmed and more than 61,900 people known to have died from the virus. There are now more than 297,000 confirmed cases in the US and more than 7,800 corona virus-related fatalities, according to Johns Hopkins medical centre.

The number of confirmed corona virus cases in the UK is on the rise, with nearly 42,000 people now testing positive across the country. A total of 4,313 people confirmed to have had the virus have died.

Numerous conspiracy theories shared on and off social media claim that 5G mobile networks are the cause of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Which according to experts are false claim that the 5G is based on radio frequency and that this does not create viruses.

This very claim has led to multiple attacks on 5G infrastructure in the United Kingdom, the attack came according to Liverpool Echo hours after the city Mayor, Joe Anderson slammed the conspiracy theory that 5G is a carrier of the coronavirus.

The workers in cellphone infrastructure have faced harassment in recent days, leading to poor internet services across homes in the UK.

According to the Public Health England while it is possible that there may be a small increase in overall exposure to radio waves when 5G is added to an existing network or in a new area, “the overall exposure is expected to remain low relative to guidelines and, as such, there should be no consequences for public health.”