The truth is not just what you say.

You can wait for your lawyer to give you the oily words that will get you off the hook.

But truth is lived, not spoken. It is what you live and how you live. Truth cannot be hidden.

When the dust of the explosion that tries to destroy it settles, whatever you tried to conceal is more visible than ever.

If you have something to hide and if you are afraid of the truth, then this is the terrible, inescapable truth of truth.

It will come to light, just as reality will emerge from the ashes of the illusion that tried to evade the truth.

This is true not only of deeds done. It is also true of a truth repressed in our minds and memories.

A feeling that is too painful to face, a mistake too hurtful to admit, an insight too transformative to welcome.

Until we come into the open and let the truth expand in the light, we will be hounded, and we will be on the run.

Meditation is living the truth. In the light in the open.

Truth as been greatly distorted in our present century, one can not tell the difference any longer, we even try to lie to ourselves, politicians sweet talk you, mostly those at the opposition to get your support after the election you find out there was no difference between them both, one can likened to the present generation as a generation of liars, because lie as become the norm.

Truth is not just said but lived, what comes out of you determine who you are, it is by your work not just by proclaiming