Because we are so bombarded today with messages and demands, and our attention is being pulled in many different directions, we like the idea of simplicity.

We may also like leaving big decisions that we should take for ourselves to other people like the government or doctors or, though less often today for obvious reasons, to clergy.

There is a plethora of courses and programs on the market offering to sort us out and give us skills we need to take control of our lives provided we buy (and believe).

Corporations and governments, distractedly aware of how much they are losing the war against distraction, are especially interested in these solutions.

A spiritual solution, however, is different in a number of ways: it’s been around a long time and doesn’t claim to be new; it is not for financial profit; it is a discipline, not a technique; it is simple, not easy.

Today’s teaching says the most important thing in life is to love God, your neighbor and yourself equally.

You will have to have become very simple before you can do this, but in the trying you will be radicalized in the good sense radically simplified and your capacity for love fully amplified. 

The case of the corona virus pandemic for example, i hear people trading blame, it is from china, no it is from USA, those who have it or suspected to have had it been treated in the most inhuman form. fear of death everywhere. my question, should we be scared of death we all know it is inevitable? What does the bible say about love of neighbor?

To love our neighbor we must put ourselves in there position whenever there are in difficult times, the Chinese people are our neighbor, Corona virus is not synonymous to them, it is a world pandemic, a thing we all need to work together to overcome.