Could we be right to say, there is trouble in paradise for the family of the young Manchester United star, Judge Ighalo and his wife, Sonia Ighalo.

There has been a bitter fallout between Sonia and Jude Ighalo’s brother and mother. The Ighalo’s family felt disrespected by the way Sonia treated the death of his sister after she refused to acknowledge her death due to the bad relationship between them before she passed on.

Sonia has also called-out Jude Ighalo’s younger brother for turning their family home into his own house and several domestic issues which basically all boils down to money.

Both Jude and Sonia Ighalo have now taken off their wedding rings and the lady has removed Ighalo from her name and reverted back to her name Desuwa.

Sonia notwithstanding claimed to still be legally married to the star, but from evidence on ground, all do not seem to be well with the family, with the change of Name and with Ighalo who was accustom to wearing there wedding ring now work without the ring on

Ighalo who earns 130,000 pounds a week at Manchester United, joined the club from Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua in January and is reportedly set to be handed a new permanent contract over his good displays for the club.

Ighalo also revealed he is happy Nigerians now watch Manchester United games more often because of him.

“It’s good you have to go to an event centre and pay to watch the games,” Ighalo explained.

“Any time United were playing, I’d go with my siblings. You’d have to pay to watch the games and now people are watching me and United. It is a big fan-base and it is growing even much bigger.

“Everybody is sending me messages saying they can’t wait to see me and watch the United games. I am very happy about that.”

Ighalo also remembered the first time he played at Old Trafford with former team Watford in March, 2016, his second visit to the Theatre of Dreams.

“When did I first set my eyes on it?” he said. “It was in 2013 when I came to see the stadium, to visit it and go around, taking pictures outside the stadium. The first time I played there was for Watford in 2016.

”Manchester United is a big club. When I saw that, I was amazed. I was outside the stadium and I took pictures. Then I played there with Watford, against United, and it made me even more happy. I came out of the stadium and stood looking at it.

“This is the stadium you have been watching back home when you were young and now you’re playing here for Watford against Man United. It feels good.

“And even now, playing for United? It’s making even greater moments for me.“