Handsome Mavin Signed musician Korede Bello who after a long break from the music industry suddenly shows up with a new hot banger titled “sun momi”.

Since he released the song, he’s been on the norm posting cute pictures including reposting the videos of those that danced to his new song, but it looks like some trolls aren’t happy with his reappearance as they have decided to carry his case on their head by attacking his dressing pattern.

He posted a picture that was as fashionable as something never known which most of his genuine fans reacted well that he was looking so gorgeous on the dress and the fashion.

But a certain troll instead of praising him atleast for the fact that he is back from his long break from the music industry just went straight to tell him point clear that he doesn’t know how to dress”

See the comment from this troll below;

Though the stupid attention seeking comment hasn’t been given any attention from the star and his fans as well..

Let’s see how it goes after some days, though I doubt the artist would react to such a stupid comment…