Satan who was called Lucifer meaning “morning star” was among God’s foremost creation, to understand why Lucifer was cast out of heaven one has to understand what he was before his fall.

Lucifer means the “morning star” which indicates he was an epitome of brightness/beauty.

Lucifer wasn’t an archangel like many presume, there is no record in the Torah, or Bible, or Koran that attributed archangel to the Lucifer.

A lot of people say he was an archangel because they believe archangels are the highest rank of angels that there is.

But that also is not true, the seven archangels mentioned in the book of Enoch Lucifer was not among. Though angels are in ranks and orders.

Then who was Lucifer, he was an anointed Cherub as indicated in the Torah and Holy Bible book of (Ezekiel 28 vs 14).

Does that make him powerful yes, why? Because, he was a cherubim, not just any cherubim but a cherubim that covers.

What are Cherubim, these are angelic beings that attend to God, they have no business with man (unlike the archangels that also minister to man) these creatures minister to God continually in worship and priestly duties, they do not live the glory of God.

A lot of people say he was an archangel because they believe archangels are the highest rank of angels.

But that also is not true, the seven archangels mentioned in the book of Enoch Lucifer was not among. Though angels are in ranks and orders.

Then why was he cast out of heaven, everything God made is in two folds for instance the absence of light is darkness, which means God does not need to create darkness, so if light is not in effect, darkness takes effect effortlessly. God is good the absence of good is evil, if something is not good definitely is bad.

Also there is the spiritual world where God and his angels reside, and there is the physical world. So as God exists as Good there is an opposition reaction to that effect, which is evil.

As God exists as light there is an opposite reaction to that effect which is darkness, Newton’s third law “every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

Lucifer who was in heaven in the presence of God was influenced by the opposite force, why? because of his desires, what desires? sovereignty.

The account of creation in Genesis 1:1, is very clear that the earth was created before Genesis 1:2, what happened.

God made the earth when heaven was made, Lucifer wanted earth because it was beautiful, he desired the earth to be his kingdom but God never gave him that chance, he convinced other angels to see earth as their kingdom, he wanted ruler-ship.

So when the force of evil has taken full control of his heart, he wanted a revolt, but God commanded the Archangel Michael and his angels to bring them all down, before the force of evil spread towards the whole heaven. Lucifer and his cohorts became under the influence of that force. Then the force of evil conquered the physical realm, made the earth God created chaos, and instilled darkness, using Satan and his angels as tools to destroy the already created world.

So when God made the earth (Gen 1 vs 3). He said let there be light, you can’t call what wasn’t there before to be. If you study very intensely during the 7 days of creation, something’s where called to be while others where made (they never existed before). God put man In charge of this new world and ask him to replenish, not plenish, you can’t replenish what wasn’t plenish before. Have you ever wondered why they said dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.

Satan never liked seeing man in charge of what he always wanted. That’s why he caused man to eat of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, knowing the force of evil would always contradict good in a man’s heart.

Now this is why people sin, they sin not because the devil told them to, but because in every-man two forces are fighting to gain control Good and Evil, and the one you obey most rules your mind, every sin is premeditated. You can’t do any thing bad without first thinking about it or weigh

It’s action and consequences but yet you still do them anyway why? Is not the devil it’s you, you made the choice to. That’s why every man must give account before God.


In bringing this to further clarity, Satan might have his influence, but not responsible for man’s fall, man makes his choice between the force of good and evil which constantly battles for control in the heart of men.

Evil is the creation of the reflection of good, as darkness a creation of the reflection of light, good can only be appreciated when there is evil, so will light be appreciated when darkness exist.

God is indeed the epitome of wisdom indeed, He created everything in two, no wonder every-man must answer for his or sin due to the will to choose between the force, we choose the force that rule over us.

God do not want the heavens to be polluted by the darkness or evil springing up within Lucifer therefore the banishment of Satan to earth, for there (man) choice (disobedience) and man’s purification, we have to battle the two force’s till end, the one that becomes of man at the end either consume or redeem him.

To easy this for man, Jesus came so through him (not by our work alone) man can be redeemed, Jesus came to easy our choice, to guide and direct us in to making the choice of good over evil, he came not to abolish the law but make’s it more practical, to show that it is possible living a good life, making the choice of good.

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