The evolution of scientific applications to solve an identified problem has greatly evolved overtime.People now depend mostly on advanced computerized machines and equipments, or advanaced mechanical machines and equipments.To execute their daily routine activities at work, home, school, church, amongst others.As it enables them to execute their tasks more efficiently and effectively, And at a very minimal timing.

Technology, has become a more prominent and useful scientific tool in the world today.And it has grown so enormous overtime, that nowadays everything man does is always engulfed round one technical know how or the other.Technological applications has greatly impacted positively in human and environmental system.It has made the things we do much more easier, and also added a lot of colourful changes in our ecosystem.So much changes that, countries that are underdeveloped or still developing are more averagely developed presently.While the developed ones are much more developed presently.The technological machines built presently are much more robotic and digital in configuration and application.

On-the-other-hand, Globalization has also greatly impacted positively in human living.Through globalization, the work load of man as regards to, searching for needed information to boost his proficiency in his work life or business has been made much easier and accurate.In that, through online browsing workers and businessmen can carryout their tasks more efficiently and effectively, and at a very minimal timing.Especially, from ones comfort zone or anywhere one is at anytime.

Global internet network, has been more modified presently with more innovative and creative features.For instance, one can now buy products or render services online and make instant payments through e-commerce and e-transact..Also, one can search for job or business opportunities online and register there in, with the aid of Google and specific apps assigned to provide informations to such enquiries.It can also be used most especially to market or advertise company’s brand and products or services, to gain more customer attraction and patronage.Futhermore, it has also contributed enormously in educating and empowering the children and youths through friendly social apps like; Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, amongst others.Thereby adding more value to them in a more lively and fun feeling manner.

In-conclusion, technology and globalization has made a tremendous effect in attaining a more sustainable economic growth and development across the world.And also, it has made the world more sophisticated and changed.