Innovation and Creativity are very vital management tools or devices towards achieving organisational excellence.Through innovation, new features are incorporated into the existing product or service of an organisation, as well as, its operational system or methods.While creativity, is the designing and development of a new product or service entirely, to add to the market of the existing product.Innovation leads to better attraction and increase in customer patronage, due to the modifications done there in.While creativity, leads to the development of an entirely new market, to help expand the market share of an organisation and increase its marginal profit.

Innovation and Creativity can be used as a prerequisite towards achieving organisational excellence or success.Organisations in every segment of the economy can innovate and create things, that will help improve the the organisational system.Through various scientific management tools and applications like; researching, brainstorming, application of advanced technologies in operational activities, reformation of organisational system, upgrading of resources (human and non-human), the use of modified strategies, procedures, plans and policies, amongst others.All these scientific applications mentioned can help to redefine the essence of an organisation, and invariably leads to organisational excellence.

In-conclusion, the practice of innovation and creativity is very Paramount in any organisational setting.As it brings out the best in an organisation, and this will enable them achieve better rewards, and a more sustainable competitive advantage over rivals in the market environment.