Morality says to do to others what you want done to you.

This can lead to saying that if that doesn’t happen, then it’s an eye for an eye.

So we need to see the mystical, the transcendent underlying the moral; justice tempered with mercy.

Learning to meditate is a journey into the mystical depth of morality.

It’s here in the expression about the good measure “running over that will be put into your lap.”

It is a measure that cannot be measured because it spills over the container into which it is being poured.

Transcendence the mystery of the altruistic gift of genuine generosity.

Not earned income, not harvested produce, not accidental or merely cause and effect. What pours? And not into your cosmic karma account. Into your lap. 

What about doing not minding what will be done to you in return, even when the good offered was not done back in return, what else!!!!!

Justice and mercy, can morality be sometimes just but not merciful?