A true and genuine relationship is very abate presently, in that, very many lovers or partners build their love life relationships on psuedo or conditional love.There in, on love that is not real or based on mutual benefit.This kind of love doesn’t last for long, and often lead to break- ups in due time.In past times, a true and genuine relationship was some-worth or practised to a reasonable extent.But presently, it is very abate in nature and even chaotic.

Against all odds, a true and genuine relationship can still be re-built, even though it may look very difficult to achieve presently.To be able to re-build a true and genuine relationship, it needs total denouncement of ones self against worldly cares of life.Accompanied with a perfect act of contrition and reconciliation to God, as well as, a spiritual commune with the Holy Spirit.To help one become a selfless being, with a true and genuine loving heart.In-addition, these change actions would help one put on a new cloak of chastity and fildelity.That will enable one become a selfless and pure lover, and invariably a true and genuine relationship will be re-built.

Presently, many people believe that a true and genuine relationship cannot be attained anymore,but to be candid it can still be attained.We just need to make decisive decisions and efforts in a more sincere manner, that will help us re-build it and sustain it forever.