As life becomes harder in Nigeria, people are using drastic measures to gain attention that will earn them money.

Everyday you see people like Bobrisky dressing up as a woman, wearing make up and trying to act like one. This makes you wonder what is happening in this country.

Just when we almost got used to the Bobrisky wahala, then came another cross dresser, James Brown. Nigerians have been low key ignoring him.

However, since his birthday which took place a few days back, James Brown seems to have enjoyed a boost of confidence, as he was seen dressed as girl on his birthday, he also danced across table tops like a girl would.

His Instagram page is filled with pictures of himself wearing make up and wigs. He has also been spotted fixing artificial nails like girls do.

He also makes suggestive videos of himself on Instagram.

I don’t know the plan James Brown has in mind but we will see.

While some supported him,most were livid.

Does James Brown care about all these?

I am not so sure, because he posted the remaining pictures from the photoshops even after the hate comments he got.

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