The forty days and nights of Lent are about simplification, purification, getting priorities reestablished and remembering that God, not my ego, is the center of reality.

Whatever discipline you take up for Lent (giving up sweets or alcohol, doing spiritual reading, spending more time with your loved ones, helping someone in need) it is about this—simplification and purification.

The ancient word for this discipline was ascesis and it was used as a metaphor from the training exercises of athletes.

Lent is a time for spiritual ascesis or exercise, shedding some unnecessary mental fat, toning the muscles of attention and patience.

“For anyone to enter the kingdom of God he/she must that up the cross and follow me”.

Has the lent approach’s we should be aware that Jesus tells us not to pray the way the pharisees do, your supplications, charities all should be done in secrete and God the father who see’s your effort will reward your deed.