When your time comes it is inevitable but the big question should be, the state you are in when that time comes, I do not think the state Mr Eric meet it end would be wish by anyone.

Eyewitnesses who found s@x enhancement drugs at the scene of the incident suggested that the man must have died after taking the drugs.

Recounting her encounter with her dead client, the prostitute who identified herself as Precious from Akwa Ibom state said she was invited over to the lodging facility by the deceased’s friend.

Precious disclosed that the man slept all through the night even though she never saw him take the s@x pills. She further revealed that they had s@x around 5 am, after which the man slept off again.

However after she got ready to leave, Precious noticed that the man was still sleeping after she demanded for her money. She said she suspected foul play at first, but noticed that the man wasn’t still moving after she gave him a nudge. The commercial s@x worker said it was at that point she cried out for help.

Barrister Eric Igbedion Agboegbulem was buried on Sunday morning in his home town.

It was not stated if an autopsy was carried out on him and the fate of the prostitute was also not stated.

Photos of a beautiful woman believed to be his wife now circulating the internet. This is yet to be confirmed beyond a Facebook post.

There were also reports before now that the woman is a staff of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

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