We consume more calories than we burn in a day, that is why we are still fat. Metabolism also plays an important role, the rate at which food is digested and at which food is packed up as fat.

The metabolic system

A slow metabolic system makes it difficult to lose weight, there are many ways to boost our metabolic system, as a way of losing fat quickly .

1. Drinking more water

When we take cold water, our body uses calories to warm up . Sugary drinks and sodas are packed with calories, and this is going to make you overweight . Water replaces the sugar and calorie content found in these drinks .

Overall, drinking water regularly boosts our metabolism . Water also makes you full , studies have shown that drinking a lot of water before eating, makes you eat less and consume less calories .

2. Standing

Standing, even without walking not only boosts your metabolism, but helps you loose weight. Being a couch potato slows down the rate at which calories are burnt and this can lead to weight gain. Overweight adults can also benefit from this, as a way of reducing the risks of obesity and diabetes.

By standing and moving around, you burn more calories than sitting in a position all day.

3. Eating spicy foods

Capsaicin boosts our metabolic rate, and this is found in spicy foods and pepper. Eating pepper would burn additional calories par meal and helps us lose weight too.

4. Avoid heavy foods at night

Research has shown that eating late night meals, especially heavy ones can make us gain a lot of weight. This is because the metabolic system slows down towards evening, and anything consumed from that period is mostly packed up as fat. Eating light meals at night is required, especially the ones that are easy to digest .

5. A good night sleep

Lack of sleep is linked to the cause of a slow metabolic system and the increased risk of obesity. It is also linked to high blood sugar levels and this can lead to type two diabetes because it boosts the hunger hormones.

The hunger hormones are what makes us hungry and when this is high, we tend to eat more. Especially during sleep deprivation, this will make us gain more weight.
To burn calories

We have discovered ways to boost our metabolic rate, now what can we do to actually lose weight and maintain a healthy , slim body ? We will be focusing on less rigorous means.

1. Fidgeting

Things we do like taping the foot or the finger actually burns more calories than not doing anything at all, even when sitting . This is because fidgeting requires energy and when energy Is being used, the calorie burns out.

2. Laughing

Laughter is the best medicine, they say. When we laugh, we burn huge amounts of calories, compared to when we do exercises, this is because the body consumes energy, which depletes calories. That is to say , laughing is a form of exercise and can even burn more calories than push ups. So why not relax to a romantic comedy and laugh your hearts out ? You are actually Burning more calories !

3. Drinking water early in the morning

This is important, mostly for those with belly fat , because drinking water in the morning helps in flushing out those undigested foods we might have taken the other day.

When we jump into meals without first taking water, those unwanted food particles gets stored as fat, especially around the belly.

4. Breakfast

When we skip breakfast, we tend to eat more during the day, and this is as a result of hunger. Skipping breakfast is never a good idea, because we need the energy through out the day. When we skip breakfast , we become hungry during the day and this can make it difficult to lose weight.

5. Chewing

Anything that requires movement burns calories, and chewing is one of them. Chewing gum actually keeps the body active and energized and this is another form of exercise.

6. Ginger

Ginger has many health benefits and can also help burn calories. Though many find the taste of ginger quite displeasing , so they incorporate it in their diet, without consuming it whole. With methods like ginger tee, ginger ale or ginger bread.

Alternatively, there are ways to burn calories through what we take. Foods like avocado, Greek yogurt, berries , bananas, green tea and citrus helps to burn calories and belly fat when consumed .

What to avoid

Alcoholic beverages and drinks are the biggest culprits of belly fat , this is because they are packed with calories . The amount of time spent in front of the TV, binge watching on a marathon and sitting in the same position makes you a couch potato. This generally becomes a habit and makes it hard to stop.

The bottom line

You don’t have to do rigorous exercises to lose weight and burn calories. All you have to do is make a little change in your life style and you will be surprised by the results.