The offer is based as usual on the SELECTIVE SIM, so not everyone has the right to offer this. It doesn’t matter whether your SIM card is old or new, because it works well on new and old SIM cards.

With this MTN offering, you get low-cost data packages ranging from 1 GB for 200 naira, 1.5 GB for 300 naira or even more. It depends on your MTN SIM card. Your SIM card determines which offers qualify for you.

I must tell you, this offer works with very few MTN SIM cards. However, your SIM card can be part of a happy SIM card. All you have to do is enter the ussd code below to see if you qualify. There is nothing wrong with trying it.

Option 1

Just press * 567 # on your MTN SIM
Your data supply is regulated under option 4.

If you don’t find option 4, there is no offer for you. You can try one of the other options 1, 2 or 3, which is a data + voice package.

Option 2

Dial *131*100# to get 1gb for 200 valid for a month

Data validity depends on the offer for which you are eligible.
To check the data balance, select * 131 * 4 #.