It is no secret that there are a lot of people practicing same sex relationships right now in Nigeria. This is more rampant in satellite cities like Lagos, Abuja,Port hacourt and a few other cities.

Men these days openly declare their love for other men in Nigeria while the government does nothing about it. The highest punishment they get is scorn from the society. Some men in dress like women in Nigeria today and are not questioned about their choice of clothes or deviant behavior. The same goes to women who want to identify as men . These women have forums on social media where they identify themselves.

We have popular social media influencers like Bobrisky, James Brown, Denrele Edun who are all but giving signs that the gay life is what they are into and instead of being corrected, they are celebrated in the society as liberators.

That is how it begun in America and today we have an LGBTQ group who are approved by the U.S government as a part of the society with no reprimand to their queer lifestyle.

It is almost as if the 14 year jail term is just a text in a big book, for there has been little to no cases of the government enforcing that law.

This singular act of theirs might make one think that someday, same sex marriage will be approved in Nigeria.