The stunning actress has had the internet in uproar with her recent scandalous behavior.

Most people are used to celebrities like Toke Makinwa and Tonto Dikeh causing an uproar online with controversial statements. However, no one saw this one coming.

On Valentines Day, the actress took to Instagram to advise young ladies who were dating married men to enjoy all the money they could from the forbidden relationship. One would think that since she has been married before, she would be a little considerate towards the institution of marriage. This singular act of hers had fans questioning her morals.

It is said that in every human’s life, there comes a point where he or she acts out of character, some do so due to stress or things not going the way they want. This abrupt change of character is termed by most as a midlife crisis. Most may think that midlife crisis only entails financial instability.

Could Mercy Aigbe’s behavior have sprung up due to a midlife crisis or she simply is showing the public another side of her life no one knew about.

As if the scandalous message to millions of home breakers was not enough, the actress recently posed in a two piece bikini and a saucy lingerie number for the sake of advertising products. However, the extra show of skin was noticed by most of her followers though no one has come out to question her recent exploits.

The reason as to why fans are shocked is that until recently, the actress has always been known to be moderate and more introverted except during her messy divorce from her ex husband.

Though the actress has not come out to quell the anxiety of fans over her recent behavior, one can only hope that she is currently in her right state of mind.