Controversial socialite, Toke Makinwa has decided to create another stir on social media by sharing some interesting photos of her “Pomtato”.

The 38 years old socialite who has been previously accused of going after wealthy sugar daddies in Lagos to fund her extravagant lifestyle claims her “pompom” is sweet in the middle and it has more fans than even her as a celebrity – insinuating that the hole on her means the world to many rich men.

Checkout the photo causing the stir and what Toke Makinwa has to say

My Camel toe has more fans than I do
Biker shots are not for me and I shall not be wearing them anymore
Last thing, I was a tad bit embarrassed as I posted these photos without zooming in and then I thought there are worse things in life so hey… I’ve got PPS and in its sweet in the middle  laugh at yourself sometimes, it’s healthy. While it’s amusing to you, our lovely Vistosa is back

her tweet below: