“God is love, who so ever claim to be in God must love”.

what is Love?

Love can be define and explain from different perspectives, from emotional feelings, to a feeling of peace and joy, a feeling of comfort and acceptance, feelings of happiness, inner satisfaction. Some even goes further divide it into God’s love and human love, that human love is temporary which means it is attached to something absence of the attachment means absences of love, but argued God’s love is eternal (everlasting) in good, bad, sin or in righteousness.

When one like he/she becomes attached to it, likeness is mostly motivated by a motive, for example we like money because with it you have a somewhat of a comfortable life, or we like this individual due to his/her personality, beauty, position in the society, his/her ability to help in one way or another.

Love and likeness are two different words with very huge different meanings, while love give unconditionally, likeness give with a condition, likeness then can thus be referred to the human love in the division of love. But do we really have two kind of love?

We are made in the image and likeness of God, in my understanding of this we are likened to God, so therefore if God is love and his love is eternal and unconditional, it means as likened to him (God) we ought to practice that kind of love.

From the forgoing therefore love is an act of God, an act of goodness, a show of kindness, compassion, a desire and act for peace, love do not hate, envy, seek war, it is an act of sacrifice for the common good, love do not hurt.

In the world today we have misplace love to like, one can like without loving, when I have a reason for feeling or acting the way I do, when am motivated due to a particular reason, am acting under the influence of “like”. On the other hand if my actions are not motivated by anything, I have nothing to gain, it does not add anything to me, but have this inner peace, motivated for it not for me but for the other, when one self is not put into consideration in carrying out an action for the betterment of another person or group of persons, that can be said to be influence by “love”

Now Back to Our Topic: Being Christened But Not a Christian,

Christianity goes beyond the name, it is a way of life, the early Christians where called Christians not for anything but the way there life’s where lived, in other world our action determined either if we are Christians or just being christened.

Being a Christian is more of you forsaking your old self and embracing the new person in Christ Jesus, you can’t wear a new cloth on old cloth, you off the old cloth to wear the new one. You can’t have them both, one have to be left gone.

To be a Christian we have to have “God’s love” our love should be unconditional, the world will have to see us to be “foolish”.

Before the coming of Christianity, Islam or any other religion, good and evil have existed, we have had both good and evil men, we have had men loved by God, there were neither christened nor belonging to any religious body, there life’s have become a living example to us all today.

Being christened is an outward sign (Religion), while being a Christian is how we live our life after being christened (God’s Love), it is the way we show God (love) to others, being a Christian is seen, it is inward, it is lived out, that was why Jesus said it is not all that called me lord!!!! Lord!!! That will enter the kingdom, being a Christian goes beyond professing Christ, it is how we live out Christ.

From the forgoing therefore, some pagans can even be more of a Christian than some christened individuals.

Don’t just be christened be a Christian.

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