The Nigerian former military head of State Yakubu Gowon in an interview as put more light from his own perspective what really happen to the Aburi Accord and how it lead to the Nigerian Civil war.

The Aburi Accord was reached in 1967 at a meeting attended by delegates of both the Federal Government of Nigeria (the Supreme Military Council) and the Eastern delegates, led by the Eastern Region’s leader Colonel Ojukwu.

The meeting was billed to be the last chance of preventing all out war. It was held between 4 and 5 January 1967.

The Eastern Region of Ghana was chosen as a venue because the eastern delegates led by the Governor of Eastern State Colonel Ojukwu’s safety could not be guaranteed anywhere within the western or northern part of the country.

In response to the accord, the federal government promulgated Decree No. 8, which was mainly an embodiment of the accord. The accord finally broke down because of differences of interpretation on both sides. This led to the outbreak of Nigerian Civil War.

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