Before now, all I have heard is men raping women until today.
Ayetoro-Itele in Ogun state woke up to the news of disaster as a certain Biology teacher was being raped into coma. The news broke out this early morning as the man’s neighbor called the attention of the local police station not far from where the evil act was being perpetrated.

According to an eye witness, five secondary school girls within the age range of 16-18 walked into the man’s one room apartment, they were on normal wear, so it was difficult to find out which school they attend but he was certain they were students because they walked in with notes and textbook.

He, the eye witness, said he probably thought they came to pay him a quick-recovery visit as the teacher was ill and couldn’t go to school since resumption. The age of this girls is amazing.

These students had probably timed their arrival as there was no one around, everyone had gone to their various work except this man who happened to be at home based on personal reasons. ” I heard voices from inside his room, although faint, because our rooms are far apart.

I thought he was merely having some conversation, I heard the moans too but who would think something like that would have happened. I found him naked few minutes after the girls left as I wanted to check on his health and so I called the attention of the nearest police.”

The man has been rushed to an hospital and treatment has since commenced on him. The doctors and nurses are trying hard to save his life at least, while the police have also began their investigation in finding out those who committed this evil act.

The police is working in cohorts with the school management and has promised their full support in finding out the students. Although the school principal has maintained that none of his students had done that but until investigations are completed, no one is innocent yet.

Now whether this was done by the female students or not is another discussion entirely. My concern here is if there would be justice for the poor man. Years ago, there were stories told us about students of a popular school raping their gate men.

I didn’t believe the stories then because I asked myself how that was possible seeing that it takes a strong person to actually have carnal knowledge of another so how can girls rape a full grown adult but as I grew older, I learned and understood it.

There are alot of issues that might arise from such an incidence which might include but not limited to penile fracture, psychological feeling of ‘not man enough’ and in the long run, a disregard for the female gender.

My point here is that what females go through when this kind of thing happens is what a man will go through as well.
I hope he finds healing and recover on time.