A Nigerian doctor who relocated to Saudi Arabia in 2014 after leaving his former job in Nigeria, has shared his experience while working in Nigeria, comparing it to his career while working in the Asian country. The man narrating his experience via his handle @wakawaka_doctor revealed that he was doing two jobs and seeing a total of 100-120 patients daily while in Nigeria, and receiving a monthly salary of N118,000 in 2013.


However, revealing how upon relocating to Saudi Arabia in 2014, he was paid $4,500 (N1,631,250 ) monthly salary for seeing a maximum of 5-7 patients daily, he also disclosed how he cried when he received a cumulative of four months salary, which sums up to $18,000 (N6,525,000).


He wrote: “2013, Nigeria “I was doing 2 jobs, morning and night, saw 100-120 patients daily in the name of free health. Month end; Salary- 118,00 naira. “2014, Saudi Arabia. Maximum daily patients: 5-7. Salary : 4,500USD tax free. I cried after i received cummulative of 4 months Salary “I went for Job interview, Ministry of health, Saudi. After the interview, i was asked “Can we discuss salary?” I was confused. I mean i was paid 100 naira per hour in my previous job.”

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