Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted a video from his official account showing Iraqi citizens dancing and celebrating in the streets after a U.S. rocket strike took out top Iranian military commander and terrorist leader, Qassem Soleimani.

In the tweet, Pompeo wrote, “Iraqis — Iraqis — dancing in the street for freedom; thankful that General Soleimani is no more.”

“Iraqis who have demonstrated for months against a government they see as beholden to Iran broke into song and dance Friday after a U.S. strike killed a top Iranian commander,” the AFP reported.

“Oh, Qasem Soleimani, this is a divine victory,” the crowds cheered in Baghdad’s iconic Tahrir Square.

“This is God’s revenge for the blood of those killed,” one person added, according to the AFP, referring the hundreds killed during the demonstrations.

Syrian-American journalist Hassan Hassan tweeted another video allegedly showing Iraqis celebrating in the streets following the news.

In this video, hundreds of people are shown dancing around a banner that displays Soleimani’s face with a large red “X” over it.