After the expiration of his presidential term in 2022, President Uhuru Kenyatta might remain in power, but in a different capacity, former Jubilee Party vice-chairman David Murathe told the Nation on Sunday, opening a controversial front on the Uhuru succession debate that will be raising some temperature in the Kenyan polity the coming days.

Mr Murathe said that once the new political dispensation envisaged and the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report comes into force, Mr Kenyatta will have the right to vie for any post since he will remain the de facto leader of Jubilee Party, and could even claim the proposed post of Prime Minister.

His argument was that the political alignments that will arise once the BBI proposals are implemented will see the leader of the majority party in the National Assembly form the government, in a coalition with other parties, and that this has the potential to ensure President Kenyatta does not disappear from the radar after the 2022 polls.

“The only thing the President can’t do is to run for Presidency but, under the new political dispensation envisaged by the BBI team, we anticipate new political formations that will be all-encompassing and inclusive,” said Mr Murathe.

“Nothing stops the President, as the leader of Jubilee, to head the government as the Executive Prime Minister as long as the party remains the largest in Kenya.”

With him (Kenyatta) as the present man in power, would it be difficult for him to see to it that the Jubilee party remains the largest party beyond his present reign in Kenya!!