President Lungu of Zambia has ordered that his salary and those of his ministers and selected government officials be reduced.

Lungu says the money realized from the move would be used to alleviate the cost of living of the masses as prices of fuel and electricity rise – Price of electricity is set to rise to between 115% and 200% from January 2020 while the price of petrol and diesel have already risen by about 10%.

As the economic challenges facing Zambia continues to increase, the president of the southern African country, Edgar Lungu, has taken a big step to straighten up the finances by cutting his salary and those of his cabinet members.

Reuters reports that higher electricity and fuel prices are taking a toll on the cost of living in the country.

President Lungu says funds gained from reducing salaries of himself, cabinet members and other non-unionized government workers would be used to cushion the effect of the increases on the people.

“The money realized from this decision will go towards ameliorating the impact that the increase would have brought on the masses,” a statement from Lungu’s office, signed by his spokesperson Isaac Chipampe, said on Friday, December 27.

The development in Zambia is reminiscent of the scenario that played out in Liberia some months back.

According to FrontPage Africa, a magazine in the West African country, the lawmakers, in a selfless move on Tuesday, October 1, voted unanimously to have their earnings slashed. The lawmakers cut the proposed budget by the executive arm led by President George Weah, a former international football player, by almost $7million.