Just few days ago the NDLEA commence the second phase of her recruitment exercise, which was meant to recruit about five thousand (5,000) Nigerians into the agency to boost it man power, it was reported earlier that about two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) Nigerians applied for the 5,000 available position.

The second phase of the exercise which involve an organize computer based appetite test commence in earnest Monday.

From report the exercise has being going on well in most state, but a very different report at the Federal Capital Territory, as it was notice that the officials handling the center where poorly organize and under capacity to handle the exercise.

It was noticed that at the Abuja Center people came when it was not there time or even day and where allowed in and those whose time and date find it very difficult to go in to sit for the test.

Has at these moment, there are some slated for Monday and till now have not been able to take there test, so also Tuesday, that would tell you the amount of crowed the exercise would pool on Wednesday and if nothing is done about it, these might result to stamped and even death of candidate.

At the Abuja center, the atmosphere is not looking good for the candidates has this might end very badly which would indeed be a discredit to the agency and the organizers of the exercise.

Bellow are few pictures from the Abuja centers: