The presidency has tongue-lashed a former Army chief, General Alexander Ogomudia, for warning that Nigeria may face violent restructuring- Garba Shehu reminds Ogomudia that Nigeria practices democracy that is governed by the rule of law- The presidency says such comment from a former Army chief showed that some people have not come to terms with the country’s democracyThe presidency late Sunday, December came hard on a former Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Alexander Ogomudia, for warning that there could be violent restructuring in Nigeria.Garba Shehu, a spokesperson of the president, said such comment from Ogomudia showed that he is yet to fully accept the democracy as the current form of government in the country.

It told Ogomudia that against his thought, President Muhammadu Buhari oversees a government that believes in the rule of law against such calls for violence.”This vituperation, coming from a former military chief speaks volumes about the mindset of groups of citizens who have yet to accept democracy as a form of government,” a statement by Garba Shehu said.Ogomudia was told through the statement that Nigeria currently operates by the constitution and as a result, any change in its system must be in line with the laws of the country.The statement added that the challenge currently facing Nigeria is not about claims of ethnic imbalances but of people with the mindset that of violence as a means of change.”Such individuals, groups and entities peddling ideologies of violence and hate are closed to the notion of healthy dialogue through popular platforms including elected parliaments,” the presidency said arguing that President Buhari believes strongly in the rule of law as part of democracy.