We complain of war, hunger, hate and all forms of inhuman characteristics which have characterize our world to day. The big question on the lips of all is why all this? The holy bible makes us to understand that when God created the universe he saw that it was God and bless it, how can what God created so perfectly become so impafect? What went wrong?

When God created man he placed him in a garden and gave him all things but with an instruction not to eat of a tree, the man disobeyed and it came with consequence, our choice led us (men) to where we are today.

We life in a world of plenty yet some live in abject poverty and lack, while some few others live in abundance, there is a saying that what ever cloth you have in your closet for a year without use those not belong to you, it belong to someone who is naked somewhere and can’t afford to cloth himself or herself.

The hunger for position and power has led men to all sort of inhuman activities, it as led to war and lost of great number of life’s, we are our own evil.

People say God gave men impossible laws to obey, and I askmyself what is law to start with, was it not to guide our conduct? Imagine a society without law, what would life look like? The entire law of God is sum into just one thing and that is LOVE, you can’t kill or harm what you love, our body is said to be the temple of God so therefore if we love God we would not defile our body with fornication or any form of evil, with fornication we lost our sperm which is a vita part of us, living a life of fornication in your youth may result to low sperm later in life and therefore issue of childlessness, for the lady unwanted pregnancy which may result to damaged womb and childlessness later on in life.

What am I trying to say the law of God is for our own good, it was design to make us live a happy and peaceful life on earth.

God sees the difficulty of men in keeping to the law he then sent his son Jesus to mediate between men and himself for he is holy and can’t stand sin. With Jesus came grace and with grace came forgiveness of sins, but can we remain in sin because of that? No!!! The assurance now is that in our struggle in life we have a powerful force which always got our back when ever we cry to him, and he is JESUS.

God is love, if you have love in you you have God in you and you can do and archive all things. If only we have love.